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    Specific Software


    Statistics Departments and People


  • White House, Senate, House of Representatives,
  • WA Legislature, WA Governor, TVW web site, Access Washington, WA and local links,
  • Kohl-Welles Dickerson Carlyle
  • Seattle, Mayor, City Council


  • Sierra Club, Cascade Chapter, Seattle Group, me, Seattle Group excom,
  • Auto subsidies
  • Transportation Choices
  • Washington Conservation Voters


  • travel.txt
  • ITA has graphical view of times,
  • AirFareWatchdog,
  • Sidestep meta search, nice filtering
  • Kayak meta, allows multi-city, slider for OK times, choose among nearby airports
  • OneTravel allows multi-city
  • Travelocity Hotels: shows maps, road distance 1-888-872-8356
  • Orbitz Hotels: no global map, but sort by distance. Claims shorter distances than Travelocity.
  • Expedia
  • Hotwire if flexible on time
  • Trip Advisor reviews
    tips - use code for whole city, CHI=Chicago, NYC=NY, WAS=Washington
    If flexible: Hotwire, Expedia "fare calendar", Travelocity - any date

    Additional Airlines

  • Sun Country, AirTran Eastern U.S. and midwest, no Seattle
  • JetBlue, SpiritAir, Frontier, British Airways


  • Seattle Public Schools
  • Eliot
  • Technology Services Corps.
  • Yahoo local
  • Craigslist
  • Paul and Kristen in Ecuador